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Guide to Send Medicines from India

Medications are the most vital products for a person. It helps in reducing symptoms of certain conditions and sometimes can help cure illnesses as well. It’s crucial to keep a stock of a specific medicine so that you can take it whenever it’s necessary. 

But “Can you ship/transport medicines to a different nation from India”? This article will help answer this question. Let’s get started. 

Things to remember when sending medicines from India

Sending medicines from India is certainly possible, and you can do so by taking the services of the best international courier service near me. But in the majority of cases, sending medicines from one nation to another is illegal, especially in countries like the USA. 

But if you’re planning to send medicines to a relative or friend who resides in a different nation, there are certain things you should follow: 

  • The medicine should be necessary for the treatment of a severe health condition for which proper treatment is not available in a specific country. The medicine you wish to send should have an existing form in the country it needs to be delivered, which can be utilized in the form of a substitute.
  • The medicine should not get marketed to the residents of a different nation, and the import of the medicine should not be for commercial reasons. 
  • The medicines you wish to send should not lead to any health risks. To effectively import medicines to a foreign nation, they should be approved by the nation’s government or companies like “FDA.” 
  • You need to have a written prescription from the physician before you ship the medicines. Make sure the prescription mentions that the medicines are only for a certain treatment, which began in India. The prescription should contain the physician’s contact number, address, and name.
  • Before you send the medicines through the international courier service near me, make sure the supply is below 90 days. Supply that is over 90 days might not be permitted in certain nations.

Choosing the right courier service

India has many well-known and reputed courier services that ship medicines to various nations, including the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, etc. So, you must choose a courier delivery service that will ship the medicines quickly and without any delay. 

Speaking of choosing the best courier delivery service, you need to follow these steps:

  • Conduct a bit of research on the courier company. 
  • Check to see the type of products they ship internationally
  • Make sure the courier services you opt for are licensed or certified
  • Don’t forget to check the shipping charges they take
  • Speak with the courier company to learn whether or not they take extra fees. 
  • Make sure to check whether or not they pack the medicines properly.


It’s not impossible to send medicines from India to a different nation, but there are some rules and procedures that you have to follow. 

Before you ship the medicines, make sure the medicines are only used for a certain treatment, should not pose any health risks, and should not be provided to the residents of a foreign nation. 

Also, when choosing a courier company, do make sure that it’s reliable, licensed, and has plenty of experience in shipping medicines to different nations from India. 

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