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Which is the Best International Courier Service with Cheap Rates in India?

Many online businesses and individuals want to ship their products or items to people across the globe. There are many Indians who are living in different nations due to work or study and might miss some homemade food or any other Indian products. 

So, families in India send a box full of Indian goodies to their loved ones through a reliable shipping company. Similarly, if you’re an online business owner and want to ship some Indian goodies internationally, you need the help of a good courier/shipping company.

India has some of the best international courier service companies that are well-known and respected across the nation. Some of these companies are:

  1. Aramex

This is a well-known global carrier that has been offering international courier services since 1997. Established in the UAE by Bill Kingson and Fadi Gandour in 1982, Aramex operates on Indian soil as an acquisition of Delhivery, another courier firm. 

Aramex ships Indian products and items across 220+ nations, and all online e-commerce businesses can opt for their “Export Value” services or the “Export Express” services. The “Export Express” is known for its quick service, and “Export Value” is known for its affordable offers.

  • Blue Dart

This is a highly-reputed and the best international courier service company in Indi and has an expansive reach of over 35,000 pin codes across the country. Blue Dart also offers international delivery services to more than 220 nations across the globe. 

Blue Dart has established a presence in all these nations and aims to offer a reliable, faster, and value-based courier service. This courier company will take a reasonable shipping fee to handle all cross-border orders. 

  • Delhivery

This is another popular and cheapest courier service in India, founded in Gurugram, Haryana, back in 2011. Delhivery can reach over 17,500 pin codes in India and it’s also one of the most favorite courier services for businesses. 

Apart from handling domestic delivery services, Delhivery can also provide international delivery services quickly and effectively. The company utilizes a tech-enabled system, which can produce international shipping services through sea and air freight at a reasonable price.

  • Ecom Express

When you’re looking for a fast and affordable courier service provider, Ecom Express is one of them. Even though it does share some similarities with “Delhivery,” the company offers its services to over 27,000 pin codes across the nation. 

Ecom Express can help you with navigating through all the customs clearance and also offers international delivery service right at the customer’s doorstep.

  • DHL 

DHL started its journey back in 1969, and slowly it became a popular and cheapest courier service in India and its oldest international courier service provider in India. It’s an ideal delivery option for all Indian e-commerce businesses and has transportation and warehouse management.

DHL holds the title of being an environmental-friendly shipping service provider, and they conduct deliveries by sea, rail, and air. They make sure that the food gets delivered to the customer on time. 

Last Note

India has some of the best courier delivery companies. Some of them have been operating for a long time, but others were recently introduced to the public. In this list of courier delivery companies, you will find the best and most reliable ones. But make sure to choose an international courier service that matches with needs and budget.

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