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How Do I Ship Homemade Food Items from India?

There are many Indians across the globe who have shown their love for Indian cuisine. They can try many unique and authentic Indian dishes in the nation they reside in, but they are looking for homemade Indian food. 

If you have an online business where you sell homemade Indian goodies and you wish them to travel across the globe, you need to look for a reliable shipping or courier service. If you are looking up with the keywords ‘courier service near me, the best ones will help you ship the products easily. 

You will easily find some of the best shipping/courier companies in India that ship homemade Indian food products across borders.

How to ship homemade food products from India?

Searching with keywords like ‘courier service near me’ can give you access to the top shipping companies. However, there are some other ways ship homemade food products from India. To make sure the products reach their owners on time, you need to follow these steps:

  1. When making homemade food, use dry ingredients

Food products can easily become rotten because they have a high level of moisture in them. But you can prevent this issue by opting for a technique called “dry ingredients.”  that will reduce the moisture level in the food product

When you utilize dry ingredients to make all the homemade Indian goodies, it will reduce the deterioration in the food products. It will keep the products fresh and dry for a long time. So, avoid sending sticky and moist products because they perish pretty quickly. 

  • Control the temperature when preparing food products

You should cook and bake food items in low temperatures. Doing so will keep them fresh for a long time. Property-cooked products can handle severe weather conditions, and you can ship them easily. 

But you need to make sure that the prepared food products are kept at room temperature after it’s baked or cooked. Manufacturers bake frozen food products like yogurts, processed cheese, meats, and other items after keeping them at room temperature. 

If you’re planning to send lobsters, cheesecakes, cakes, or other perishable products, make sure to freeze them up for around 24 hours before you ship them off.

  • Proper packing

When you choose the best parcel service near me, you need to make sure that they properly pack all the homemade goodies. Proper packing can keep the items fresh, and it’s important to seal up all the “moist confectionary products” in airtight cans or times. 

The dryer products should be placed in plastic food wraps, and the freezer packs that are leak-proof will keep all the food products cold when they get shipped. To make sure that the products do not get leaked out, please use freezer bags that come with a zipper.

  • Make preparations for the transit

When you ship homemade delicacies through a reliable parcel service, you must make proper preparations for the transit. Packing is known as the initial step because it helps to make sure that all the products are prepared carefully for shipping. You just need to check with phrases like which is the best ‘parcel service near me’, and the top websites will show up.

Speak to the shipping company to learn whether or not they provide the refrigeration of food products. This can help ensure that the whole process doesn’t spoil the food products due to the non-working weekend or delays.

Ending Note

Shipping homemade Indian food to different nations will not help you grow your business but will also enable you to provide Indian food to people who love them. Make sure to look for a trusted shipping company and also properly pack the food items so that they don’t get spoiled.

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