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Tracking Your Parcel: A Quick Guide to International Courier Shipment Monitoring

For shipping packages overseas, most people opt for international courier services. Not only do these services save you time, but they also prevent you from spending more in the process. Besides, there are no separate custom charges involved. Almost every fee and charge is included in the price of the courier service. 

The best part of using such services is that you gain access to multiple mediums to track the shipment effectively. 

In this blog, we will uncover a few excellent ways of tracking international couriers hassle-free. But first, let’s understand –

Why Has International Tracking Become So Important?

International courier tracking has come a long way. Back then, a single company or national postal service managed end-to-end shipping. This enabled them to furnish comprehensive international package tracking information to the sender. 

Fast forward to now, international shipping has transformed into a complex network of package handling services. With multiple handlers involved in the shipping process, shipping companies are unable to provide exhaustive international parcel tracking. 

Thankfully, you still get to monitor the shipment through mediums like –

1- Online courier tracking

One of the excellent features of using an international courier service near me is that you gain the ability to track shipments online in real-time. 

This service is often free of charge, and you get complete updates on the package’s whereabouts. 

Of course, speed is paramount in courier delivery; you must note that potential delays in customs clearance are a normal thing. Thankfully, online courier tracking helps users remain informed about any unforeseen obstacles. 

2- Diverse tracking options

If you are on the lookout for alternative tracking methods, there are companies that offer one-day delivery options. These services aim at delivering the parcel within 24 hours post payment, proving an excellent choice for urgent shipments. 

With same-day delivery, one thing remains clear: your shipment is delivered within the said hours. Plus, you gain access to comprehensive information, including pick-up and delivery time, current status, and live-location of the shipment. 

3- Web portal

For complete peace of mind, try using the courier service’s web portal. 

Post payment at the courier services near me, you will be equipped with a unique tracking ID for your shipment. Use the same after accessing in the portal and selecting “track consignment.” You should be able to receive real-time updates on your parcel’s status. 

This feature streamlines the tracking process, making it easy for businesses and individuals to monitor their shipments’ progress at their convenience.

4- Toll-free number

A direct and efficient way to learn more about international courier services and track consignments is through the toll-free number provided by the courier service.

You can find the toll-free number listed on the acknowledgment slips or emails. This customer service hotline connects users with appointed executives who can handle queries and provide assistance in tracking international couriers.

Ending note

Mastering the art of tracking your international courier services involves leveraging the diverse options available. And irrespective of the methods you use, stay assured that you will obtain the control and transparency required to determine if your shipment is on the right track! 

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