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A Guide That Can Help You Know More About Sending Physical Documents

In this era of technology, email (and other online options) has made sending most documents effortless. However, there are situations where a physical copy of a signed document is legally required. Luckily, International courier services provide a convenient and secure way to send documents overseas.

Compared to other services, shipping documents through a courier is more reliable, including tracking, signature confirmation, and personalized delivery. Therefore, to ensure your documents’ safe and swift arrival, you can check this guide on how to courier your documents.

Proper packaging for your documents

When mailing paper documents, it is crucial to package them properly to prevent damage during shipping. Additionally, if the information contained within the documents is sensitive, it is crucial to ensure the contents cannot be easily read by any third-party handling the package. Therefore, it is important to use secure packaging when sending essential documents through a courier to guarantee their safety and protection. It is advisable to use a thick envelope that prevents the possibility of the contents being read from outside.

A hard-backed envelope would be a good choice to protect the document from any damage. When sending in a box, using enough bubble wrap and internal packaging is recommended to keep the document safe and secure. Additionally, it is advisable to place the shipping label in a waterproof wallet to prevent accidental damage or loss. You can choose the cheapest courier service in India based on the type of document that you are shipping.

Courier your document

  • Ensure you follow the above-mentioned packaging guidelines while placing the documents inside the envelope and securely sealing the opening.
  • Carefully place the envelope inside a tamper-proof bag of a similar size and seal the opening shut.
  • Ensure to input the shipping label created when booking the courier.
  • Mention all the essential information for the parcel, including the name and address.
  • Lastly, hand over your parcel to the courier company.

Choose a speed delivery service if you want the document to reach its destination quickly.

Other things to take care of

It is recommended to take scanned colour copies and photocopies before sending them to ensure safety. After covering the documents in plastic, place them neatly in a threaded courier cover and label “DO NOT FOLD” on the top, especially when choosing international courier services. Doing so ensures that maximum safety measures are taken during the shipment of your consignment. Otherwise, there is a risk of the cover being folded, torn, thrown, or mishandled in transit.

Protecting and sending documents securely

When using courier services to send documents, it is advisable to request a signature upon delivery at the destination and indicate that the parcel should not be left with a neighbour or in a safe location. It is common for such a service to come with extra fees, but the added safety and security of your parcel reaching its intended recipient makes it a worthwhile investment.

Final thoughts

Finally, ensure that you write down the address clearly; if feasible, print it out and securely attach it to the document. Include at least two telephone numbers for the sender and recipient, and pay attention to obtain an acknowledgement receipt. You can also find the cheapest courier service in India, which offers the best shipping service.

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