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Important Things To Know While Sending A Courier Abroad

Are you planning to send a courier to the United States, the UK, or other countries from India? Well, there are many options available these days for international courier shipment. If you are thinking about shipping a package to another country, it is crucial to take into account multiple aspects to ensure a hassle-free delivery experience.

Selecting India’s best international courier service provider is a reliable strategy to guarantee superb service quality. These services can promptly deliver your package to its destination without breaking the bank. Nevertheless, here are some crucial points to remember when sending a courier abroad.

Some important things that you should know while couriering abroad

  • Do not send prohibited items to other countries.

When shipping a package to another country, confirming that the destination country will accept the shipment’s contents is essential. Different countries have regulations and limitations on the type of goods they can receive, particularly relevant for businesses dealing with imports and exports. Conducting research on the postal website of the destination country before sending the package will help you determine what items can be shipped.

  • Try to find the cheapest courier company that offers the best service.

The cheapest courier services in India offer excellent international shipment services. Although delivering goods between countries might take more days, you can save money if time isn’t the main concern. You must ensure that the low cost does not affect the quality of service the courier service offers (safety of your product).

  • Customs clearance

If you intend to send a parcel beyond the borders of your country, it must go through customs clearance. It is necessary to obtain clearance from your chosen shipping carrier to ensure the successful delivery of your package. Fortunately, you can conveniently access clearance guidelines from major shipping carriers through their websites. Your package is subject to clearance by customs officials twice, first in the country of origin and again in the destination country.

  • Checking delivery times

When sending a parcel to another country, it’s essential to avoid running into shipping delays, which can take several weeks to resolve. Discussing delivery timelines with your international courier service provider before engaging their services can help minimize these risks. Choose a provider who can guarantee timely delivery. International packages typically require 3 to 6 business days to be delivered. In case of an urgent package, the best international courier services offer express shipping.

  • Total shipping fee

It’s always recommended to confirm the shipping fees with various online resources, such as a shipping price calculator, the shipping company provides. However, it’s crucial to remember that some charges may not always be listed, including fuel surcharge, remote areas charges, taxes and duties, and other shipping-related fees. Evaluating and comparing multiple shipping services is wise before selecting the one that meets your specific requirements.


All these points mentioned in this blog will help you with an international shipment. The cheapest courier services in India offer international shipment by handling the whole process. So, do your research to learn about the top courier services and choose the right one for your requirement.

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