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Effortless Exports Strengthening Companies with Global Couriers

Exporting goods through courier serviceshas gained immense popularity. The courier clearance is permitted under both the electronic and manual modes.

According to the regulations, the courier clearance is administered under the Courier Imports and Exports [Clearance] Regulations 1998. The electronic one is governed under the Courier Imports and Exports [Electronic Declaration and Processing] Regulations of 2010.

All courier companies clear the goods quickly by completing all formalities. They examine the parcels properly, and the clearance is allowed based on the selective inspection of papers. The duty, which is chargeable, is paid by the courier company on behalf of the exporters before the package delivery.

Goods You Cannot Export Through Courier 

When you search for courier service near me, always keep in mind about goods that you can easily export. There are a few things that you cannot export through the courier. These are:

  • Chemicals under chapters 28, 29 and 38 of the Custom Traffic Act need to undergo testing.
  • Perishable goods/products
  • Studded jewellery, along with semi-precious and precious stones
  • Animals and plants, along with their parts
  • Publications that consist of maps that display the wrong boundaries of India
  • All forms of silver or gold

When you’re planning to import goods, it’s requested that you speak with the courier service. Get to know about the type of goods they can export right before you proceed further.

What is the Procedure of Clearance for Exporting Goods?

To make sure that all the goods are exported properly, the authorised international courier service has to file the Courier Shipping Bills with the customs officer at the airport. The filing needs to be done right before the flight departs or a ship leaves. 

Besides that, the courier should present all the export goods to the officer to conduct assessment, examination, and inspection. 

But there are some export goods for which the international courier service provider has to file the normal shipping bill. These shipping bills get processed by the Air Cargo Complex, EHTP, EOUs or at the STP. After that, it receives permission from the customs so that the goods are provided to the courier company for dispatch. 

This particular procedure is applied to the following goods:

  • All the goods from EHTP, STPs or EOUs
  • Goods that are getting exported under the Drawback Schemes, EPCG, DEEC or DEPB
  • All the Goods that need a license to be exported under the Foreign Trade [Development and Regulation] Act of 1992.

Based on the courier rules for the electronic mode, all the forms for filing customs declaration for the export goods are the following:

  • Courier Shipping Bill 3 for the goods under Form H
  • Courier Shipping Bill 4 for the documents under Form G


Export of goods through courier delivery services is one of the best and quickest ways available these days. You can export many kinds of goods, but there are some that you cannot, such as perishable goods. 

International courier companies have the experience, skills and knowledge to export goods safely and quickly. They will handle all the procedures and paperwork and make sure that the goods get exported on time and without any issues. 

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